Viorica de Purcari

CHF 16.90
Viorica wine is made entirely from Viorica grapes, harvested manually and vinified by the traditional method.
Additional information

Year: 2020
Grapes:100% Viorica
Alcohol: 13,5%
Pairs well with: chicken dishes, pasta, blue cheese, pastries or desserts
Empfohlene Serviertemperatur: between +10 and +12°С


The white wine Viorica de Purcari is a sensory explosion: it has the aroma of acacia and basil flowers, it is fresh, easy and memorable. The golden color, with bright amber shades, is complemented wonderfully with its balanced and velvety taste and the fine taste of muscatel. Viorica conquers through its complex aroma and subtle finesse.